Wordle 2

Wordle 2 is a free online word-guessing game where players have to guess a five-letter word in six tries or fewer. As a player, your task would be to guess a five-letter word on the screen. You'll have a total of six chances to solve the puzzle. As you guess in each attempt, the system will tell you which of your chosen letters is present in the final target word and whether they are in the correct position. And you're still guessing to finish the puzzle. You only get six chances.


Here’s how it works:


  • The letter will turn gray if the letter from your guess does not match the target word.
  • The letter from your guess will turn yellow if it is in the word but not in the correct position.
  • It will turn a bright shade of green if the letter is in the word and in the correct location.


You have six tries to solve the puzzle of the day, and based on Twitter feedback, Wordle 2 is fun, challenging, and addictive.


Why did Wordle 2 become so popular?


While in a daily crossword and Sudoku puzzle from a newspaper or magazine, each person can only complete one puzzle per day, you can play Wordle 2 online for unlimited time. And it is completely free!


People could easily share their puzzle results on social media platforms like Twitter, which helped it gain popularity on social media.


The game is also designed to be accessible, with a high-contrast color mode that allows colorblind users to play with blue and orange letter blocks instead of the standard blue-yellow.


There is no need to create a profile, no ads or pop-ups, and the game will remember if you're on a winning streak. Players don't have to think much about how Wordle works, so they get used to it quickly and look forward to playing every day.


You can test your vocabulary with different game modes. If guessing four-letter words or five-letter words is too easy for you, you can try with six to eleven-letter words!  


Strategy to win when playing Wordle 2


One strategy is to always start with the same word. "Adieu" is a good word because it contains four vowels in one word. You can also mix things up by starting today's puzzle with yesterday's word. It'll almost certainly be incorrect, but it's a fun place to start. Another option is to create a word bank that includes all of the letters in the alphabet. "R, S, T, L, N, E" from Wheel of Fortune is a good place to start. Four carefully chosen words can cover a total of 20 letters. The disadvantage of this approach is that you're unlikely to get the word before your fifth attempt. Do you recall the "share" option? It's all about bragging rights, and getting the word on the fifth or sixth attempt isn't exactly impressive.


There are several Wordle clones available. I've become addicted to Quordle, which allows you to guess four different five-letter words in nine tries. I was initially intimidated by it, but once I got past my reservations, I was drawn in by the challenge. Because you're dealing with four different words at once, the word bank strategy works well with Quordle. Quordle, like Wordle, provides one puzzle per day, but it also has a "Practice" option. You have all day to practice. I've developed an addiction.

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