Waffle game is a combination of Wordle and crossword game. In this game, players have to drag letters to make words horizontally and vertically within 15 movies. The task of this game is to rearrange the letters into the correct words. You will earn points for each puzzle solved. The game helps you to understand the meaning of more words. Answer as many words correctly as possible in two minutes! Your words can be stacked horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Test your skills by trying to solve word puzzles in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese.

How to play

Players begin by rearranging the letters horizontally and vertically into matching rows and words. You can move the letters around the board by dragging them. The color of the letters will change to indicate if they are in the correct position. Below is a table that counts how many plays are left. You can only complete the game once a day, it will be restarted the next day.

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