Quordle is one of the best word puzzle games. You have to guess 4 different 5 letter words in 9 tries. This game not only entertains you but also helps train your brain.  Like Wordle, Quordle also resets every day, so if you miss the game, you'll have no way of knowing what the previous daily Quordle's answer was. You can share your daily results to everyone and challenge them to beat you. This game is becoming more and more popular because it is more interesting and difficult than the classic Wordle version.

How to play

To start the game just type in any word that will be in the 4 parts of the game at once and you will get a hint for the next word.

• Guess 4 different hidden words up to 9 times.

• Submit a valid word in each word guess

• Each guessed word is applied to all 4 words

• The color of the word will change after each word guess: Green means the letter is in the word and in the right position, Yellow means the letter is in the word but in the wrong place, Gray has means the letter is not in the word.

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