Heardle is a Wordle-inspired music game in which, instead of guessing a word, you hear the beginning of a song, with each failed guess extending the preview to help you solve the title and artist in question. The game combines a song-guessing game similar to Worldle with the TV game show Name That Tune. 

Heardle is a much more trivial game than its siblings, so some prior knowledge is required. If you like music, it's a great way to hone your ear, and you'll be surprised at how much you can learn from a one-second sample. 

How to play

  • Listen to the intro, then look through the list for the correct artist and title. Attempts that are skipped or are incorrect unlock more of the intro.
  • You are served the first second of a popular song in the game. If you can guess which song it is within one second, congratulations, you have won!
  • If not, you have six guesses, and the length of the clip doubles after each failed guess.
  • You have a full 16 seconds to see if you're the music aficionado you think you are based on your final guess.

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