Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is a word guessing game in which players have to guess a five-letter word in 6 tries. You can play Wordle with unlimited words for free. This is a simple game with lines of words like word games. You will have 6 lines of words to guess the correct word of that day, if you enter a word and see a word turn green, it is the correct word. If you really just want to solve multiple Wordle puzzles instead of one per day, Wordle Unlimited is a platform with the same rules as the original that allows players to solve multiple puzzles in a day. We are happy to share this addictive and word based game with our many fans who love the word game and want to play it for free unlimited number of times a day.

How to play

On a desktop computer, use the keyboard to type letters. You are trying to guess a five letter word. Type the letters and see which one is correct. The letters evaluated in gray are incorrect. The letters marked in yellow are correct but in the wrong place. The letters marked in green are correct and spaced correctly. Good luck trying to solve the puzzle with your six guesses!

If you want to improve your vocabulary, why not try Wordl Unlimited?

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