BRDL is a Bird-Inspired Spinoff Wordle game. You've probably played Wordle or seen individuals posting the results of their games if you've spent more than five minutes online this month. The 6x5 tile grid is currently appearing to be practically unavoidable. A version of the popular daily word game for birders is now available online. Make sure you are familiar with your banding codes.

How to play

The most important thing to keep in mind about BRDL is that the codes used are from the official Bird Banding Laboratory of the government and they rely on a particular set of restrictions, which are described below.

  • The first four letters of the name, if it is a single word, serve as the code.
  • The first two letters of each word are used in the code when the name consists of two words, which is common in the world of birds.
  • Three words make things a little more difficult. The first letter from each of the first two words, as well as the first two letters of the third, make up the code in this instance.
  • The first two letters from the first name and the first letter from each of the second names are used when a hyphen appears at the conclusion of a three-word name, as shown below.
  • Last but not least, the code is the first letter of each word in a four-word name, hyphens included.

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