Duotrigordle game is one of the more difficult wordle variations. This online game demands players to solve 32 words concurrently across 32 boards, so we believe it is only appropriate for the most courageous players.

Another variation of the well-known word game Wordle is Duotrigordle. The idea is similar to other alternatives, however the goal of this game is to create a large number of words instead!

However, players must correctly guess 32 five-letter words in a span of 37 attempts rather than just one word! This daily puzzle can be really challenging due to the astounding number of words, and occasionally you only need a little assistance to figure out the final few words.

How to play

Here's a quick rundown of the game's rules:

  • Enter a word on your keyboard and press Enter to guess it.
  • For each word, the game will show you which letters you guessed are green and which are yellow. Yellow indicates that you matched one letter in the word but in the wrong position.
  • Green indicates that you matched the letter and position of one letter in the word. Letters with a black background are not part of that word.
  • Make your next guess a word that has the same letters as your last guess.
  • If you get all of the correct letters, you'll finally receive all of the correct letters and word placements in the game. To solve the Daily Duotrigordle, repeat this process for all four words.

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