Hardle is a word game, a reproduction for people who agree they need 3-4 estimates to find the words every day. Vignesh Venkat, a San Francisco-based tech student and game enthusiast, created Hardle, a Wordle version (not just the digital kind). It is a riff that is very similar to the original in terms of design, concept, and gameplay.

Hardle, like Wordle, is a daily word game that presents you with a mystery word. However, you have 8 attempts (compared to 6 in Wordle) to figure out the secret word. Hardle, on the other hand, employs pink, blue, and gray hues instead of the green, gray, and yellow colors used by Wordle. Now for the twist.

These pink and blue colors are like mischievous twins who pretend to be the other on the spur of the moment. That example, if the pink tiles have all of the correct letters today and the blue tiles have some of the correct letters, they may flip roles tomorrow, and this unpredictability is what distinguishes Hardle as the "Hard Wordle."

How to play

Hardle is a fitting name for a game that is not for the faint of heart. However, if you know how to plan and execute your moves, it is not an unbeatable game.

To begin the game, you are given a blank 85 Hardle grid with no indicators or suggestions available anywhere. And, as with Wordle, it is critical to make the most of each guess in order to nail down the letters on Hardle.

Tips to play

  • Start with a bang
  • Test out the valid letter’s true colors
  • What after identifying the color of the day?
  • Be bold from the get-go

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