Hurdle is a multi-level survival puzzle game that allows the user to create a colorful picture by combining random letters into words. Players must pass 4 challenges before reaching the final challenge.

All four answers from the previous four questions are already filled in for four of the six guesses in the final challenge. At that point, your objective is to try to determine the ultimate solution using two more guesses. If you don't locate the answer or fail any of the steps, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to play the game.

To get the next word, use the green and yellow tiles. In a nutshell, this is a 5-times-harder task.

How to play

A game screen will have 5 different puzzles. Each puzzle targets a five-letter mystery word and you have up to six guesses. Clues will appear and you can identify them by the color of the tiles.

  • Green means correct letter in correct position.
  • Yellow means the letter is in the word but in a different position.
  • Gray means no letter found in target word.

The 5th puzzle is solved based on the answers of the previous 4 questions. Join the fun and share your achievements with your friends.

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