Mickeyrdle is a popular Wordle alternative that was created with Disney fans in mind. It puts a Disney-themed spin on the word-guessing game, so players must guess a five-letter word from somewhere in the Disney universe every day. It could be the name of a Disney movie, character, theme park, ride, or any other term that only true Disney fans are familiar with. Like Wordle, you must solve the Mickeyrdle riddle in less than six attempts.

How to play

  • You'll see a 5X6 grid on which to play the game. Your goal is to correctly guess a Disney word in six attempts or less. Begin by typing in the name of any random Disney character.
    Following that, the boxes will change color.
  • If the box turns green, it means the correct letter was entered, if it turns orange, it means the correct letter was entered incorrectly, and if it turns black, it means you entered the incorrect letter.
  • Make your brain work after taking hints from the color of the boxes to figure out the mystery Disney word. You can then share the outcome on Twitter or any other social networking platform.

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