Passwordle is a word guessing game based on the most commonly used five-digit passwords. Guess the password in six attempts. Playing Wordle is quite similar to an attacker attempting to guess a password. In both cases, you have a 1 in N probability of guessing the correct word and a restricted number of guesses. The larger N, the more difficult it is to guess the correct word, although restricting the number of accessible possibilities only makes enumeration of viable guesses more difficult.

How to play

6 guesses and you have 14 hex digits (56 bits) of the hash, along with knowing the population counts for all the numbers. This is enough to run a password cracker and determine the plaintext if it's a readily guessed password.

The following are the main rules. Each guess must be a five-letter word. The following feedback is provided regarding the accuracy of the letters in the word:

  • Green highlights letters in today's word that are in the correct position.
  • Letters in today's word that are in the wrong place are highlighted in yellow.
  • Letters that do not appear in the current word are highlighted in grey.
  • On a QWERTY keyboard, all the letters that have been used throughout all guesses are highlighted in grey.

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