Quardle is a game based on the popular word game wordle, but this time the goal is to fill in the grid with the correct letters. Instead of guessing one five-letter word, you must guess four at once in Quordle. There are numerous games to be found on the internet. Wordle, a game that requires you to rack your brain for new words that fit the puzzle box, has recently captured the attention of users.

How to play

The rules are the same whether you play Daily or Free Quardle.

  • You begin by guessing your first five-letter word, and it's critical to get a good start.
  • When you type your guess, it appears on all four words, with the correct letter highlighted.
  • A green square appears if a letter is in the correct position, and a yellow square appears if the letter should be in a different position within the word, as in wordlay.
  • Gray letters indicate that they appear in none of the four words.
  • When playing quardles, a good strategy is to try to guess all four words at the same time, removing as many letters from the alphabet as possible.

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