Queerdle is a word guessing game similar to Wordle. You have six guesses, but your guess can sometimes be safely rejected. It won't give you any hints, but it won't count against your daily guess limit. Queerdle is still in the works. The code isn't as clean as Wordle's, and the vocabulary isn't as extensive.

How to play

The goal of the queerdle game is to guess a word in six tries. There may be some letters that are repeated.

The version in which you must guess a wordle 4 - 8 letter word in six tries. When you type your 4-9 letter word, it will tell you what letters exist in the searched word and if they are in the correct position, it will turn green; if they are not in the correct position, it will turn yellow.

Every day, a new word is given to guess. You have six chances to spell the word correctly. Words range in length from 4 to 8 characters and do not include spaces or punctuation. If I feel like it, I might put two words together. Queerness is uncontrollable! Letters are repeatable.

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