The Daily Cryptic Crossword

The Daily Cryptic Crossword is a fun daily puzzle with obscure clues. Put your brain to the test by solving our cryptic crosswords. Do you want to provide feedback on this puzzle?

How to play

  • Enter the word: Simply click on the square where you want to begin typing to begin typing. The selected square's color will be highlighted in yellow. The corresponding clue will be highlighted in a box, and any intersecting words will be highlighted in black.
  • Browsing Clues: To scroll up and down the clues, use the two scroll bars to the right of the clues.

Features of Game

  • 'Restore' button:By clicking this button, you will remove all of the answers you entered during this session, restoring the crossword to its original state.
  • 'Check' button:By clicking this button, you will clear any squares with incorrect letters.
  • 'Reveal Message' button:By clicking this button, the correct letter for the currently selected square will be inserted.
  • Click the 'Show Word' button. By clicking this button, the correct answer for the currently selected clue will be inserted.
  • Click the 'Solution' button. This button will display the entire crossword puzzle.
  • Crossword puzzle printable. If you prefer to solve the crossword with a pencil and paper, click the Printable Crossword link and print the page directly from your browser.
  • Timer: You can use the optional timer to keep track of how long it takes you to complete the crossword. The timer can be dragged to a different location on the screen if necessary.

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