Tridle is a variant of Wordle guessing a 5-letter word. In the game, your task is to try to solve three puzzles simultaneously in eight guesses. Let's challenge yourself with this more difficult version of guessing. This is a new type of Wordle game that is gaining popularity due to the new word concept. It is simple to play online by solving the puzzle and rising to the top ranks. Have fun with the game and let us know what you think.

How to play

The main objective of the game is to find three words or solve three wordle in a screen.

  • In the game you have to find three words in a row. When you enter a word, all three columns are populated.
  • If a letter turns yellow, it means that this particular letter matches that word, but in a different cell. If there is a letter that turns green, it means that this particular letter matches the word and the correct box.
  • If you figure out 2-3 letters at first, the puzzle process will become easier.
  • You will win when you guess all three words correctly


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