Word Master

Word Master is a fresh take on the conventional "Crosswords" board puzzle. You must next react with a word that begins with the letter that Alexa's word finished with. In response to your command, Alexa performs the same. With each word you pronounce, you receive points. Your score increases as your word length increases. Compete with other people at home to see who can get the highest score. Playing with words has never been more enjoyable!

Master Word is a word-based deduction game in which players must collaborate to identify a hidden word from a single starting hint. You make a puzzle or series of puzzles and distribute the link to anyone who want to play. When you utilize numerous words, they are presented in chronological sequence.

How to play

You have 6 guesses to guess the correct word. Any valid word can be used as a guess. After you make a guess, the letters will change to gray, green, or yellow.

  • Green: The letter is correct and in its proper place.
  • Yellow: The letter is correct, but in the wrong position.
  • The letter is incorrect, Gray.

Important differences from Wordle:

  • Players are free to type whatever they like, including gibberish.
  • There is no such thing as a standard character set. In your puzzles, you may use numbers, symbols, and non-English characters (but players will need to be able to type those characters.)
  • Words of any length up to 10 characters are permitted. 5 character words are suggested.

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