Word Swipe

Word Wipe is a unique take on a word search game. You can use letters from any direction and from any direction. When you combine the letters to form a word, the letters in the grid vanish. This changes the position of the letters above, resulting in a plethora of unique letter combinations!

How to Play 

To play Word Wipe, look for words on the board. To remove the tiles, select the letters of the word. When the tiles vanish, the letters from above take their place. Similar to the game Boggle, you can make words out of adjacent letters in any direction. Three characters are the minimum word length.

Time Restriction
Every level in Word Wipe is timed, so you must work quickly to complete the objective. Your goal with each new level is to remove a greater number of rows. When you remove the lines, you will be rewarded with a bomb that will destroy a section of your choice.

Unusual Mechanics
Word Wipe is a fun alternative to traditional word searches, with more creative word combinations thanks to the laxer rules. These combinations change depending on which words you remove.

You get a score at the end of each level that shows your best word, highest level, and other cool game stats so you can track your progress!

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